Umpire Resources

Umpire Toolbox

Softball Canada's Umpire's Toolbox is where umpires can access public resources to help them improve their skills and help instructors and evaluators when leading their certification clinics. Click HERE to access the toolbox.

WBSC Mechanics Manuals

Softball Canada has adopted the International Softball Federation (ISF) mechanics for umpiring Fast Pitch with respect to positioning and rotations. Click HERE to download the mechanics manuals.

 Other Items for Purchase

To purchase any of these products, please stop by Softball Saskatchewan's office located at 2205 Victoria Avenue in Regina, phone (306) 780-9235, or email

Item Price (incl. GST)
Softball Canada Rulebook    $12.00
National Umpire Crest    $4.00
Umpire Indicator    $10.00
Umpire Bat Ring    $8.00
Umpire Case Book    Free Online HERE