National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP)

Due to the ongoing issues surrounding COVID-19 and the delays impacting clinics we have decided to alter our coaching requirements for the 2021 season.
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For instructions on how to access the FOCS and MED certification information, please read below. For info on Respect in Sport, please see the RiS page of our website.

Timbits Orientations

Formally known as Learn to Play, Timbits Softball is a nationally regulated softball program for ages 5-10. This program is the first exposure to our sport for both our parents and players. We want to prepare our parents and coaches as best we can by providing them with a free parent/coach clinic.
For available clinic dates, click here.

Important NCCP Requirement for the coaches:

FOCS Graphic
For all new coaches to softball (no previous softball NCCP training), the Foundations of Coaching Softball (FOCS) – Part 1 online module will be a pre-requisite for the Community Softball stream of coaching. Coaches must complete this before they can obtain Community Softball Trained status on their NCCP transcript (which is what is required for the following Provincials: U12 A, B, C, U14 B, C, U16 B, C, U19 C).  This is a pre-requisite to taking the CSC clinic.
For all coaches wanting to take the Softball Competition Introduction coaching clinics, the Foundations of Coaching Softball (FOCS) – Part 1 & Part 2 online modules are a pre-requisite.  This coaching certification is required for the following Provincials: U14 A, BW, U16 A, BW, U19 A, B, U23 A, Men’s & Women’s A).

o     In order to obtain your FOCS – Part 1 and/or 2 you must go to
         1.    Put your curser over The Locker and click
         2.    Either:
                  a. log in if you have taken any NCCP clinic before you would have an account, and just proceed.  If you have a number, but don’t have a password, just go to forgot password, or email and she will look up your NCCP # and give you a password. 
                  b. Or if you have never taken an NCCP clinic before, then click on Don’t have an NCCP#? Create one now!
         3.    Choose eLearning – then select from the Multi-Sport tab – Softball.
         4.    Choose Foundations of Coaching Softball – Part 1 and proceed
                  §    The Part 1 module will cost $10.00, the Part 2 module will cost $15.00.
                  §    Part 1 should take 60-75 mins. to complete.  Part 2 should take 75-90 mins

2021 Community Softball Coach Clinic

The cost for these clinics will be $80.

Location Date Information
Humboldt CANCELLED  
Saskatoon CANCELLED  
Battleford    CANCELLED  
Kindersley CANCELLED  

To register for a clinic, please visit our Clinic Registrations page: HERE

2020/21 Competition Introduction Clinics

Registration for 2021 Clinics will open in February 2021
The cost for these clinics will be $125.

Location    Weekend 1    Weekend 2
Saskatoon    CANCELLED    CANCELLED   

To register for a clinic, please visit our Clinic Registrations page: HERE

Competition Introduction Evaluation

Click HERE for information on the evaluation process, and click here for the application form.

Professional Development (PD) Modules

Click on the Module title for more information and the opportunity to acquire PD points.

Softball Canada uses a blended learning approach with our NCCP coach training and education program. This means a coach’s first step in their training pathway for a given coaching context in the NCCP will be to complete the required eLearning module(s) before participating in the face-to-face workshop.

Foundations of Coaching Softball Part 1 ($10/5 PD)
Foundations of Coaching Softball Part 2 ($15/5 PD) 

Below is a list of other online learning opportunities for any coach wanting to continue their learning on-line: 

Did you know that you can receive 1 PD point for coach each year? Make sure you self-report you active coaching in your locker!

To Self-Report your Active Coaching (1 point/year of active coaching) or Coach Self-directed (self-directed learning to a maximum of 3 points per maintenance cycle):

  • go to put your curser over The Locker (in red on the right hand side) & click
  • log in using your CC# or email and your password (if you forgot it you can retrieve it).  If you don’t have a password, email either or and ask them for one. 
  • Your Profile will come up.  Please check to see if your information is correct.  Then click on Certification.
  • On the Left hand side, you will see Self-Report – click on it
  • Active Coaching – click on Record Active Status and fill in Month & Year and hit add.
  • Coach Self-Report – click on Record Professional Development and fill it in

Competition Development (Level 3 Technical)

Softball Competition-Development focuses on coaches working with athletes in the Train to Train and Train to Compete stages of Softball Canada’s LTPD model. Certification in this context is required for Canada Summer Games and to be eligible as a National Team Coach.  This training involves both softball specific content over 2 weekend clinics, as well as 6 multi-sport modules offered through your Provincial/Territorial Coaching Association. Once coaches have completed both Weekends they will have Competition-Development In-Training status, and will move to Trained status once the 6 multi-sport modules have been completed. To become Competition-Development Certified, coaches will also need to fully complete the evaluation process. 

Please note, this is not the Certification required for coaching at Canadian Championships. Coaches attending these Competition-Development clinics should already be Trained and/or Certified in Competition-Introduction.

To register for the Competition-Development Clinics Weekend 1 and 2 please see the link below.  Each weekend will run Friday evening, and all day Saturday and Sunday.  Specific details, schedule, and location will be sent out to registered participants prior to the clinic.

Future clinics

Year    WEST (3rd Weekend of Oct & Jan) EAST (last weekend of Nov & Feb)
2020-2021 No Clinics No Clinics
2021-2022 Alberta Quebec
2022-2023 British Columbia Ontario
2023-2024 Manitoba/Saskatchewan Atlantic (Regional)
2024-2025 No Clinics No Clinics

Coaches have the option to register for Weekend 1 and 2 together, or each separately. (The price is the same). Click this link for more information:

Please follow the instructions below for registration:

  1. Click on the link provided, and select one of the 3 ticket options by clicking ADD TO CART, then PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.
  2. Create a New User Profile or Log In if you have an existing profile with Softball Canada.
  3. Once Logged In Select PAY NOW or PAY LATER and follow instructions. (If you choose PAY LATER you will receive an invoice via email and payment must be processed before the first day of the Clinic, and in order to receive your Pre-Task Workbook)
  4. Finalize order by clicking on the form link at the top of the page COMPETITION-DEVELOPMENT CLINIC REGISTRATIONS and input all required information.
  5. Once complete, select SUBMIT. You will receive a confirmation email. 

Prior to the clinic(s) coaches will receive the Pre-Task Workbook via email, which MUST be completed before attending each Competition-Development Clinic. If you have any questions, please contact Kristin Noonan at