Sport Medicine & Science Webinars

We are fortunate to be able to record some of our webinar sessions to share with our membership. They will be available until April 30th.
Below you will find the sessions as we add them.

Tuesday, March 1st - Sleep & Performance with Tom Hamilton

Thursday, March 4th - Umpires - How to Deal with Fans Jeering

Sunday, March 7th - Coaches - Team Building & Group Dynamics

Monday, March 8th - Injury Prevention - ID & Care

Sunday, March 14th - Coaches - Maximizing Effectiveness in Practice

Monday, March 15th - Injury Prevention - Self Massage Pre & Post Game

Thursday, March 18th - Umpires - Relaxation Attention - Nerves & Stresses

Sunday, March 21st - Coaches - Goal Setting & Mental Toughness

Monday, March 22nd - Injury Prevention: Shoulder Care

Sunday, March 28th - Coaches - Parent/Coach/Athlete Relationships

Monday, March 29th - Concussion Education & Management (Athletes)

Wednesday, March 31st - Concussion Education & Management (Coaches/Parents)

Thursday, April 1st - Umpires - Team Building

Monday, April 5th - Mental Imagery & Self Talk (Girls & Coaches)

Wednesday, April 7th - Mental Imagery & Self Talk (Boys & Coaches)

Monday, April 12th - Routines & Ideal Performance State

Monday, April 19th - Sport Nutrition Pre & Post Event