Training Webinars

Softball Saskatchewan, in partnership with the Sport Medicine and Science Council of Saskatchewan are host a series of one hour webinars to support our members continued training during the offseason. Below are the webinars available.

Players & Coaches

Sleep & Performance - Girls
Sleep & Performance - Boys
Injury Prevention - Girls
Injury Prevention - Boys
Injury Prevention - Self Massage Pre & Post Game - Girls
Injury Prevention - Self Massage Pre & Post Game - Boys
Shoulder Care: Girls
Should Care: Boys

Coaches Only

Mental Performance: Team Building & Group Dynamics
Mental Performance: Maximizing Effectiveness in Practice
Mental Performance: Goal Setting & Mental Toughness
Mental Performance: Parent/Coach/Athlete Relationship

Umpires Only

Mental Performance: How to Deal with Fans & Players
Mental Performance: Relaxation, Attention & Emotional Controls to Deal with Nerves or Stress
Mental Performance: Teams & Culture.  Education on Cohesion, Trust & Team Building


Concussion Education & Management: Boys & Girls
Concussion Education & Management: Parents & Coaches