Minor Operating Rule Update for Provincials

Due to some changes in minor categories of Provincial Championships where we now have “OPEN” categories and no “BW” or “C” categories following are changes to some of our Operating Rules.

In U12 we are going to make a change to the U12 baserunning rule found on page 33 of the Handbook. We are removing a portion of the 2nd sentenced in G. Baserunning i) that refers to “a continuation of play (ie: overthrow). As a result in all U12 Provincials the baserunning will now be:

A. Base Running- i) Players cannot advance to home on a steal, passed ball, or wild pitch. The player must be batted in or forced home by a walk.

In U14 we have only U14 “A” and “Open” categories, no “C”. Therefore we will NOT be using the everybody bats rule that was ONLY for the U14 “C” category. Both U14 “A” and “OPEN” will now be using the nine (9) player softball batting rules.

In U16 the Handbook indicates the Designated Player Rule (DP) can be used in both “A” and “BW” categories. We now only have “A” and “OPEN” categories in U16 and the DP Rule will only be allowed in the U16 “A” category NOT in the U16 “OPEN” category.

The Affiliation deadline was June 1st but we are allowing Associations up to June 15th to complete their affiliations. The minor Provincial Championship Entry and Roster deadline is July 1st.

 Please note we will also be holding Coaches Meetings the week prior to all Minor Provincial Championships and it will be mandatory for each team to have one (1) coach in attendance.


2021 Provincial Championship Information

All teams entering Provincial Championships must submit the completed Provincial Championship Team Entry form, Roster form and appropriate fees to the Softball Sask. office in Regina by 4:00 p.m. on or before July 1st for all minor teams.

Minor team Provincial Rosters must be approved by the sponsoring League or Association PRIOR to being submitted to Softball Saskatchewan. Note: Incomplete Provincial entries and rosters will not be accepted, and entry fees will not be refunded. The Provincial Championship Entry From and the Provincial Championship Roster Form can be found under forms on our website. 

Please note all adult team rosters are due to the Softball Sask. office by 4:00 p.m. on or before July 15th.  

2021 Provincial Championship Fees

The entry fee is $100.00 for ALL categories.