Softball Canada Rulebook

**Note: Softball Canada has decided to carry over the current rules to 2021. Therefore the 2019/2020 Rulebook will be used in 2021**

Softball Canada has made some of the bi-annual Rulebook digital for easy access.  

Here is some additional information:

  • A very useful search function
  • Most sections are available to the public for FREE, including the Constitution & Bylaws, SORs, Special Olympics Rules and Minor Rules
  • A $10 subscription will be required to access BOTH the Official Slo-Pitch and Fast Pitch Rules. Once payment is made, the user will be able to access those two sections. The subscription will expire on February 15, 2022 (users will be asked to log in to access those two sections).

To access the digital Rulebook, click HERE.

Print copies are still available for $12.00 by contacting the Softball Saskatchewan office at or 306-780-9235.