About Us

Updated Fall 2017

Softball Saskatchewan is recognized as the Provincial Sport Governing Body responsible for the development, improvement, promotion, and regulation of amateur fast-pitch, slo-pitch, and modified/orthodox softball in Saskatchewan, within the framework of the Canadian Amateur Softball Association (Softball Canada).

Mission 2017
The purpose of Softball Saskatchewan is to develop, lead, promote, invest in and build the sport of softball in Saskatchewan.

Vision 2022
Strong leadership and an evidence based understanding of the needs of our membership has provided the opportunities to participate in all facets of fast-pitch, slo-pitch and orthodox/modified softball and a consistent membership grown of 2% annually.

Fundamental beliefs of Softball Saskatchewan and our members include the following points:

  • Softball is athlete/participant centered, coach driven, and supported by officials, volunteers, staff, and Sask Sport and Softball Canada
  • The game should provide a fun experience for all participants
  • The value of sport is in developing life skills, healthy active living, and achieving excellence¬†
  • Fair and including access
  • Ethical, respectful, and moral behavior
  • Safe and supportive environments free from harassment and abuse
  • Long Term Player Development (LTPD) framework guides decision making
  • Competitions and programs are designed to increase the growth and development of the sport and improve the quality of experience of all participants
  • Both recreational and competitive streams support softball's sustainability in communities
  • A willingness for change and flexibility to achieve results
  • Open, effective communication to encourage collaboration
  • Respect of differences and support of others within the organization
  • Recognition and respect for the important role of volunteers in softball
  • Effective and efficient organizational governance and financial management